"Working with John to schedule a monthly company chair massage has been easy and a great addition to our health and wellness program. John has been great and adjusts to the needs of the employees within our office. I would highly recommend their corporate chair massage as a great way to release stress and increase morale. "

J.W., J & H Office Equipment Inc., Bozeman, MT

Corporate Chair Massage

60 minutes / $100

Chair massage is designed to take place with minimal disruption to the office routine or work day. With a specially designed chair, the therapist comes to your place of business or special event. Each chair massage session is 10 to 15 minutes in length, allowing for treatment of common problem areas. The client remains fully clothed and massage creams or oils are used only rarely.

Benefits of Chair massage:

When people feel better they work better. Even 15 minutes of chair massage a week has been scientifically proven to lower stress, reduce muscle tension and foster alertness - the keys to productive people.

Studies show that workers that take time off because of stress or anxiety will be out of work more then 20 days throughout the year. Because massage benefits the immune system a chair massage program can lead employees to take fewer sick days.

Stress at work can result in low morale, increased anxiety and depression. A 1996 study conducted by Shulman and Jones of the Touch Research Institute in Miami, Florida, found that massage in the workplace helped reduce anxiety. The study indicated that 15 minutes of chair massage was more effective than a 15-minute break to reduce anxiety. After having a chair massage session, employees consistently reported a more positive mood and sense of well being. Regular workplace massage can reduce the need for doctors visits for physical complaints and stress related issues..

Our skills are tailored to each individual, with no routine. We check-in through out a session to make sure you are comfortable and the depth of treatment is appropriate.