"When I was pregnant with my second child, I was introduced to John & Sabine Morgan. I was thrilled to find out that they did pregnancy massage and that they had a special, pregnancy massage table. The table was very comfortable and it allowed me to lay on my stomach and relax during my massage. The unique design of the table allowed for secure and safe comfort, which every expecting mother desires.  "

Dr. Amy Thomas, D. C., Thomas Family Chiropractic, Bozeman, MT

"I saw John throughout my entire pregnancy and it helped tremendously with pregnancy related back pain.  It was also essential for maintaining my overall physical and mental health during my pregnancy.  I felt more relaxed, less stressed and I slept better because of it.  I would highly recommend John to anyone!"

J. M., Bozeman, MT

Prenatal Massage

60 minutes / $100

While the main goal of a prenatal massage is to achieve a sense of deep relaxation and unity with the natural process at hand, there are many additional healthy benefits to consider, for mother and for baby!

Massage increases circulation, allowing vital nutrients and oxygen to travel more effectively. This also allows metabolic waste to clear more easily. A nurturing massage during pregnancy can greatly reduce muscle tension and stress levels. This lowers circulating levels of stress hormones such as cortisol and norepinephrine, while increasing the levels of feel-good hormones such as serotonin and dopamine. The results measurably reduce feelings of anxiety and depression. A prenatal massage can also help the body prepare for delivery by improving muscle pliability, joint flexibility, calming nervous irritability and increasing body-mind awareness.

During pregnancy the body goes through enormous changes, some of which can become quite uncomfortable. These may include:

A pregnancy massage therapist should be skilled in a variety of techniques.. Positive physiological effects are then achieved not only through soft tissue manipulation, but also through additional relief techniques such as myofascial release, strain-counterstrain, assisted-resisted stretching, and muscle-energy techniques. This allows the therapist to really target and alleviate the uncomfortable conditions specific to pregnancy.

Generally one hour is a good length of time for a pregnancy massage session. Positioning may be prone, supine, semi-reclined or side-lying, depending on conditions. A “belly-hole” is available and can be quite comfortable provided conditions are appropriate.

John and Sabine Morgan have been working with pregnant moms since 2005. In 2012 Sabine was certified in “Bodywork for the Childbearing Year”, an in depth prenatal massage training course.

The benefits of regular massage during pregnancy has been studied by researchers at the Touch Research Institute. They found that overall, women had fewer premature births, as well as improved rest and sleep patterns. Research also showed that women who are receiving touch during pregnancy are more likely to stroke, smile and talk to their infants, and thus bond with them and create feelings of wellness and connection.

Our skills are tailored to each individual, with no routine. We check-in through out a session to make sure you are comfortable and the depth of treatment is appropriate.