"The atmosphere at John & Sabine Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork is calming and healing. John - who has been my practitioner - has a wonderful touch. He is able to effectively get in on the tight and sore areas, treating them effectively, efficiently and comfortably. He is in constant communication with me, asking if the pressure is okay, what am I feeling and experiencing, and then adjusting his touch to accommodate me. I leave the office feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. I look forward to my monthly massage to keep my tight muscles loose and working better."

Dr. Phil Cameron, D.C., Bozeman Wellness Center, Bozeman, MT

"YOU FIXED MY BACK!  I felt great after I left, and it stiffened up overnight yesterday night, but felt great yesterday and today it is back to normal.  I purchased one of those big balls to sit on at work, and I can tell that will make a big difference.  Also, I am building an attachment to my desk to allow me to stand and still take calls and work on my computer.  Anyway, you did a great job.  Thanks!"

M. S, Bozeman, MT

"I've had a lot of massages from John this past year and each one has been fantastic and kept me going at work. He's always been tuned into what my body needs."

Doug Loneman Loneman Photography, Bozeman, MT

"I became John's patient in 2010. He has been treating me for severe pain in my left hip and leg since then. I have been experiencing the pain for more than 20 years and have been to numerous physicians who have not been able to find either a cause or a cure. John soon discovered that I have a rotation in my pelvis which has caused certain muscles to stretch abnormally. His treatment, though still on-going, has given me great relief. He has a thorough knowledge of anatomy and thoroughly explains everything he does."

M. H. McAllister, MT

Rehabilitative Massage

60 minutes / $100

A Rehabilitative Massage, while utilizing the same focus and skill set as for a Therapeutic Massage, is much more site specific.

If presented with a lower back or shoulder problem, the time allotted for treatment may be spent entirely in the area of complaint. This type of bodywork focuses on including adjoining tissues and opposing muscles, as well as offering relaxation and integration for the problem area.

All of our work is therapeutic, it just depends on the body and severity of discomfort that dictates how much time is spent and where.

Techniques used in a Rehabilitative Massage to achieve softening and lengthening of tissues, to decrease pain, and to increase range of motion may include:

Stress is held in the body physically and emotionally. It manifests physically through poor posture, strain, injuries or trauma. Emotionally, stress comes from many areas including work, family and economics. Stress is held in the soft tissue of the body by shortening or contracting the muscle fibers. Over time the tissue fails to return to normal resting length resulting in chronic tightness and muscle fatigue. Therapeutic massage and bodywork techniques can help relieve these symptoms by softening and lengthening tight and contracted tissue. Truly, massage has many benefits for body and mind.

Our skills are tailored to each individual, with no routine. We check-in through out a session to make sure you are comfortable and the depth of treatment is appropriate.