"Thank you for truly caring about me as a whole person, not just a client. I have never met massage therapists who care so much about their clients. Your goal is to take care of the whole person, and it shows. Every time I go, I feel enveloped in warmth and can really let myself relax. Not to mention that your massages are some of the best I've ever had. "

A. B. Belgrage, MT

"I have been using John & Sabine for massage therapy for 6+ years. They are very knowledgeable and really address your issues. I love the fact that they regularly take continuing education classes which they integrate into your therapy regimen. It takes a lot of time and energy to travel and attend these classes which shows you the dedication they have towards their field of massage therapy. I love their professionalism and caring attitudes. "

R. L. Belgrade, MT

"My massage is my re-charge in both body and spirit."

R. K. Bozeman, MT

Therapeutic Massage

60 minutes / $100

A Therapeutic Massage keeps the whole body in mind. While specific areas may be addressed, treatment focuses on bodywork that both relaxes and offers integration to the whole body.

We think of our treatments as bodywork rather than massage. Although many Swedish massage techniques are incorporated, we believe it is important to accomplish more than just soft-tissue manipulation. With a strong focus and a variety of good techniques, the structures of the body can be manipulated in different ways to lengthen, broaden, separate and individuate. These techniques effect not only the muscle tissue but the fascial tissues as well. Fascial tissue (also known as connective tissue) are the layers in the body that wrap around muscles including the individual muscle fiber. This tissue also suspends and supports the nervous and circulatory system and helps carry energy and information throughout the whole body.

Techniques used in a Therapeutic Massage to achieve softening and lengthening of tissues, to decrease pain, and to increase range of motion may include:

Slow and gentle techniques are also incorporated as they can be very calming to the nervous system. When the nervous system is not in an alarmed state, the brain can stop sending the signal for the muscles to tighten up. In other words, when the nervous system is calm, the tissues relax.

When tissues are chronically tight, they squeeze down on the little blood vessels and capillaries that feed the tissues; it's like standing on the garden hose. When the tight tissues are released through bodywork, blood flow is increased, fresh oxygen and nutrients return to the tissues and Co2 and waste products are removed. This allows body and mind to return to a healthier state.

Our skills are tailored to each individual, with no routine. We check-in through out a session to make sure you are comfortable and the depth of treatment is appropriate.